Metabolic Renewal Workout DVD & Diet Program

Metabolic Renewal Review is the ground-breaking weight loss program designed specifically for women. The creator, Dr. Jade Teta, has designed the program to work with and optimize a woman’s metabolism. The workout and diet program is backed by research that supports a woman’s metabolism by focusing on the lifestyle and hormones of a women.

The Metabolic Renewal diet and workout DVDs comes with the following:

  • The 12 Week Body-Sculpting Workout Plan
  • Metabolic Renewal Roadmap
  • 12 Week Metabolic Meals Plan
  • Female Transformation Tracker

In addition, there are two bonuses being offered:

  • 5 Minute Body-Sculpting Burnouts
  • 5 Step Female Flat Belly Formula

The entire program is being offered on sale here.

How Metabolic Renewal Works

The product Metabolic Renewal is composed of four phases with each designed to bring about optimal weight loss. These include:

Phase 1 – Harmony
The first phase is designed to last three weeks. This is the start of the program and perhaps the most important. In this phase your body and brain will begin to work correctly and in harmony. This is the phase that sets the stage and gets your hormone-signaling systems working properly and awakens the metabolism.

Phase 2 – Inspire
Weeks four-six are designed to get your body burning fat for energy. In addition, this teaches your body to use carbs as fuel, instead of storing them as fat. The new exercises introduced in this phase are quite fun!

Phase 3 – Enhance
After the first two phases are complete, the body is now ready and primed for serious fat burning. In fact, it’s because of the time and work that goes into the first two phases that allows us to move to Enhance. During this phase the intensity is raised and as a result – much more fat will be burned off.

Phase 4 – Symphony
Once again, this phase turns up the dial on intensity and changes in the body become even more evident. Symphony is designed to take full advantage of a woman’s HGH output. This is what really helps the body to take shape.

Where to Buy & Guarantee

Metabolic Renewal is available for purchase from their official website (click to open in new window).

You can purchase with any major credit card securely through the website. Once the payment is confirmed, you get the product delivered to you electronically and/or via mail depending on your preferences.

The product is currently priced at $37 but but you’ll notice that that is only because it is on sale from the listed price of $97.

Metabolic Renewal has a generous 90-day guarantee on the purchase. In the case of you not getting satisfied with the program, you will be free to request for your money back.